Abstracts submission

Abstracts should be sent to the email address: son118son@yandex.ru with the title “Forum 2018” and the name of the first author.

Abstracts should be prepared according to all requirements and have the permission for open publication (if needed).

Received abstracts are not edited, authors are responsible for their content and design.

The preference during the selection for the final program will be given to the generalizing reports or reports on actual problems. The duration of presentations – 15 minutes.

Electronic versions are sent to the e-mail only once in their final edition.
The deadline of abstract submission is September 1, 2018.

Requirements for abstracts:

• full text – not more than 2 pages;
• MS Word-1997-2003 format with the extension *.doc;
• Times New Roman, font size – 10, spacing – single;
• size fields: Right – 1 cm, top, left, bottom – 25 mm; indent – 1 cm;
• abstract title-in capital letters, bold formatting in the center;
• next line-the author’s name(s) and initials, bold italic formatting in the center;
• institution`s name without its organizational form, e. g. SSC RF – Institute of Biomedical Problems RAS, lowercase letters, formatting on center; separated by commas – the city;
• text, text alignment – in width;
• does not include graphical objects; not apply styles, do not use the ” Lists ” and special opportunities offered by the menu “Format – Paragraph – The position on the page”; eliminate automatic hyphenation;
• text highlighting is permitted only in italics and bold, text discharge and underline are excluded;
• if necessary, references to the literature are made in parentheses, indicated the name and initials of the author and followed by a comma – the year of publication. References omitted.